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We make documents easy!

Keeping you on top of everything with our one stop solution for viewing and managing your Word, PDF, Excel
and PPT files.


Docx Editor

Open, create and edit docx file online using our docx editor online tool

PDF Editor

Open, create and write on pdf file online using our pdf editor online tool.

XLS Editor

Open, create and edit xls file online using our xls editor online tool



Turn DOCX files into PDFs in a


Turn Spreadsheets into PDFs in a

Docx to JPG

Simplifying the Switch with


Turn Spreadsheets into Images in a

Image to DOCX

Turn Images into DOCX in a

XPS to PDF Converter

Simplifying the Switch with

What can you achieve using the A1office?

From your office presentations to your personal invoices, we believe that you don’t need multiple subscriptions. Choose an office suite that compliments your lifestyle and achieve new magnitude of productivity with A1 Office.

View, Edit & Manage

Upload, View, Edit and share documents without getting super expensive licences.

Cross Platform

Now edit any or all your documents on your android devices and cloud storages​

Best in class support

Part of what A1 Office does is we believe that more we listen to you the better we grow


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What our customers say...

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Very great. A1office All Documents Reader app has been of great benefits to me. It helps my communication skills. It makes my jobs easier. Many a time I keep records of my activities in the app for quick remembrance. This app really deserves a kudos. Thanks.


Marketing Lead
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Pretty good app for reading from accross various cloud storages as well as phone or computer. You can add your Google drive account to Adobe reader so that you don't have to go to drive to read it..


Mask group
A1office app allows me to send PDF documents via email and many other useful things. I use the app quite often and I recommend it to anyone who needs professional assistance with their documents.


Creative Head
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