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How to Edit PDF online

1Upload the PDF file

Easily upload your Online PDF Editor File by clicking ‘Choose file’.
Dragging and dropping the file will also work.

2Uploading Google drive files

You can also upload your files from Google drive. Just Click the ‘Choose file’. A drop down menu will open from which you can select Google drive.

3Add text to a PDF
  • To add text, Choose ‘Text’ tool from the top menu of the pdf editor. 
  • Click anywhere on the PDF to add text and start typing. 
  • You can change the format of the added text with bold, italics, color or change the alignment of the text by choosing the alignment options present on the same top menu.
4Change pdf existing text

To edit existing text in a PDF, simply move the cursor over the sentence you want to change or add. Click on any word and start typing or click backspace to remove any unwanted text. This pdf editor will easily edit your existing or original text present on the pdf.

5Add image to PDF
  • To add image to PDF file, choose ‘Image’ tool from the top menu of the pdf editor. 
  • Browse the local drive to select your desired image. 
  • Click the area that you want to the image to be placed. 
  • Resize and reposition the image according to the space.
6How To Sign PDF: E-sign PDF
  • Select the ‘E-sign’ option from the top menu and select ‘New signature’.
  • Type your signature in the window that opens.
  • Click save to add your signature.
  • Click anywhere on the pdf to insert e-sign.
  • Resize and reposition by dragging the signature on the pdf.
7How to White Out on PDF: Hide private information
  • To add text, Choose ‘Text’ tool from the top menu of the pdf editor. 
  • Click anywhere on the PDF to add text and start typing. 
  • You can change the format of the added text with bold, italics, color or change the alignment of the text by choosing the alignment options present on the same top menu.
8Save changes done to your pdf file

Once you have edited, the changes get automatically saved to your pdf, after final editing click download to save your edited pdf file. 


A1Office PDF Editor: Edit PDF

A1Office Online PDF Editor Easily Edit Pdf files, add text, replace text, Shapes, highlights, Annotate, sign PDF, add images to PDF, and Create links in PDF. Edit hyperlinks in PDF and Fill out the Pdf Form.

With hundreds of PDF Editing tools available online, it is not easy to find a reliable and free editor that lets you not only edit and write on a PDF file but also allows users to type on PDF document, insert text into PDF, add/change images, add your own graphics, sign your name, etc.

Explore everything you can do with A1Office PDF Editor to keep edits easy and workflow moving. Take a look at some of the more Online Conversion and Editing Tools from A1Office.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PDF Editor?

A1Office PDF editor gives you the freedom to drag or drop the pages of your existing PDF file to add or edit changes that you want in your PDF like editing the PDF, adding word to the PDF, editing and creating drawings and graphics, etc.

A1Office PDF editor Gives you a very quick and easy application in which it becomes more easy and quick to do PDF editing in it.

How can I write on PDF?

In the A1Office PDF editor if you will use the editing tools to write on the PDF, in just a few clicks you can do whatsoever changes you want to make. you can add comments, Also you can insert images edit text there is also the very amazing feature of freehand drawings in which you can make diagrams and graphics for a more understanding of the context.

  • In the first Step you have to upload the PDF file in the PDF editor tool.
  • Now you have to select the tools from the tool kit to make changes in your pdf file, like bold text, italic text or underline the text etc.
  • After done the changes, download the pdf file.
Which browsers does A1Office PDF Editor support?

You can reach out to the A1Office PDF Editor in Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari.

Can I Edit PDF on Mac OS, Android or Linux?

Off course, any software user can edit their pdf file in the A1office pdf editor for free. All you just need is the internet browser on your device. And also it doesn’t need any software installation.

Does A1Office PDF Editor is supported in all devices?

Yes. Like our Docx Editor Online Tool, A1Office PDF Editor is functional on all devices. This online tool is supported by Windows, Linux, and Mac devices also. You can edit the pdf on any android smartphone you just need an internet connection. Otherwise, installation or any other process doesn’t require.

Does PDF editor require internet connection while loading and opening document?

Yes, off course. You only just require an Internet connection in your device and you can edit your pdf file by directly uploading the file online. A1office Online PDF editor always requires an Internet connection to work.  And if you lose the Internet connection in between editing your PDF, you can’t save the edited results of the pdf.

Is there any limit or number of times users can write on a PDF or insert text into a PDF?

Absolutely no. It doesn’t limit your work, by giving the limited time. you can edit , create text or insert images, or any other changes in a pdf file any number of times in a day.

How secure is A1Office PDF Editor online tool?

You will get the privacy and safety of your data that you are uploading online.  You will get the safety and security in both website and file transfers. That you can check in our privacy policy.The safety of your data is 100% guaranteed thanks to an advanced level of security. File transfers and our website are both secure. Please refer to our privacy policy located here.

Is there a mobile app for A1Office PDF Editor?

A1office pdf editor only can be used with mobile phone browsers like in Firefox, safari or chrome etc. It’s only a web-based tool and not available in mobile application from A1Office that can be installed from Google Play Store.

How much does the paid subscription of A1Office PDF Editor cost?

It does not require any paid subscription cost. It is 100%free pdf editing application. You’ll not charge any amount for using any tool either. All Online Editing Tools are free to use.

Is there any contact support for A1Office PDF Editor online tool?

Yes. You can connect us with https://a1office.co/support/.

Why do you provide free PDF editing tools?

 The main purpose of free pdf editing tools is to serve best service to the users. The users must get the free and smart online tools so, that they can get the best results after using them.

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