JPEG and JPG which one is better? What is the difference between JPG and JPEG? These questions have always been in everyone’s head for so long. The two file formats seem really confusing sometimes. JPEG and JPG are both image file formats. They are often confused with each other, but what is the actual difference between JPG and JPEG? Which one to choose?

In this blog post, We will be talking about the difference between the two file formats JPEG and JPG, and which one is better for you. And if you need to convert any of these file types you can use A1Office JPEG to JPG converter for free which enables you to convert JPEG files to JPG in a fraction of seconds. So, Without any further ado, Let’s get started!

Before unraveling the mystery about the difference between the two file formats JPEG and JPG, Let’s first learn about the two file formats. What is JPG? What is JPEG? How did they come into existence? Hold Your Horses! This blog post will answer all your questions.

Images play a really important role in any website, It provides visual support to your points and information. So, it makes choosing the right Image format very important because image formats affect the quality of an image. JPEG and JPG are image file formats. Let’s dive deep and learn more about the two Image file formats before jumping straight to the difference between JPG and JPEG

What is JPEG?

Difference between JPG and JPEG: what is a jpeg file?
what is a jpeg file?
  • JPEG is short for Joint Photographic Expert Group.
  • JPEG is a file extension used by most digital cameras and photo-sharing tools.
  • It is a commonly used method of lossy compression for digital images, particularly for those images produced by digital photography. The degree of compression can be adjusted and changed, allowing a selectable tradeoff between storage size and image quality.
  • JPEGs are often used for colorful and high-quality images.
  • This file format supports 16,777,216 colors and works with all image types.
  • As mentioned above JPEG uses lossy compression to eliminate unnecessary data from the image, resulting in a smaller file that loads much faster.

Using JPEG You can adjust the compression ratio. And also can change, mold, and manipulate the quality and size of the image. This type of file format is not ideal for images with sharp edges because the colors blend together.

What is JPG?

Difference between JPG and JPEG: what is jpg file?
  • Also short for Joint Photographic Expert Group.
  • JPG exists because, in earlier versions of Windows systems, a three-character extension name was required.
  • So, JPG is only necessary when you are using an old system that does not support newer file formats.
  • JPGs reduce digital images by minimizing portions of images to blocks of pixels similar to how ZIP archives find layoffs in archives to compressed data. It was developed for storing massive photography image files in relatively narrow spaces, not for photo editing as JPG compression has the unfortunate consequence of being irreversible.
  • Because of JPG’s lossy composition, it is not an ideal format for storing art files. Even the best quality level for JPG is compressed and can subtly alter the appearance of the image.
  • These days most of the systems, Mac and Windows, accept longer file extensions. So, Using JPEG isn’t an issue.

What is the difference between JPG and JPEG?

  • Well, To be very honest there is not much difference between JPG and JPEG other than the number of characters in the file extension. There is no major difference other than minor quality differences.
  • Since newer versions of windows support file extensions of more than three characters, users prefer JPEG. However, this wasn’t always the case. This is why JPG is still around today. Newer Windows versions support the JPEG extension, JPG is still included as an option next to the file type.
  • The only time when JPG will be absolutely necessary is if you are using an outdated windows system that does not support file extensions longer than three characters. So, there is not much difference between JPG and JPEG than just minute quality and size differences as we mentioned earlier; Image clarity can be compromised in JPEG files because of lossy compression. But JPEG files take up less space.

Which one is better? JPEG Vs JPG

  • There is not much difference between JPG and JPEG. One does not appear better than the other one. Both look and function the same. . But, If we really have to choose, JPEG is the answer. As JPG is only required in old window systems.
  • Nowadays with newer technologies and systems, JPG is of no use if you have a similar and somewhat better option JPEG, why to go for JPG which will only work in old systems. So, Yes there is your answer to all your head-scratching confusion of what is the difference between JPG and JPEG.


So there you have it, the difference between JPG and JPEG. If you’re still unsure which to use, our recommendation is to go with JPEG for photos and illustrations that have smooth transitions between colors and JPG for everything else. As always, if you need any help converting JPEG to JPG or any other file type you can always go to A1Office for conversions or editing-related problems, A1Office helps you to convert JPEG to JPG within seconds absolutely free of cost. You can use A1Office online Converter and editor/ Mobile Application/ Google workspace so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at A1Office.

Thanks for reading!


1. How to convert JPEG to JPG?

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2. Which image format offers the highest quality?

If you are looking for an image format that offers the highest quality then your answer is TIFF Short for Tagged Image File Format. TIFF file format is generally and mostly used by professional photographers, shooters, and designers. It is termed lossless. TIFF is mostly used for commercial purposes as it is the highest quality image format. It doesn’t mean that this format is of higher quality than others. The main difference between TIFF and other formats is that it is more suitable for image post-production since it isn’t compressed. TIFF images will occupy a lot of space on your device. That’s why it is used only by designers and other professionals.