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How To Edit A PDF

Editing pdf can now be an easy job to do. With our free online pdf editor, you can edit pdf documents with ease. Just upload the pdf to our pdf editor, makes changes according to your will, and download the edited doc to share. This is one of the best tools to edit pdf which does not need any installations or subscriptions to be done.

Here Are The Steps On How To Edit PDF Online:

  • Click on the upload button or drag & drop to select your desired pdf to be edited.
  • You can now select any of the tools present on the toolbar to edit your pdf such as - adding text, and images, changing alignment, the format of the font, or font color.
  • You can also edit the existing/original text present on the pdf using our pdf editor.
  • Click on the upload button or drag & drop to select your desired pdf to be edited.
  • For the purpose of hiding private information, the ‘whiteout’ tool can be used to hide information for security reasons.
  • Use the E-sign tool to add your signature, you get 3 different options to sign any pdf such as - Using any font of your choice to add your signature name, scribble your signature or add an image of your signature.
  • Finally, after all the editing, you can simply click ‘download’ to save your edited document. These were some of the short and easy descriptions of the steps involved in creating or editing your pdf documents online.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it compatible with all the web browsers?

Yes, the A1Office pdf editor is compatible with all the browsers such as Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, and Firefox.

2. Do we need to install or subscribe to use the editor?

No, you don’t need to install the pdf editor as it's an online pdf editor and works directly from your browser. It is absolutely free to use thus you don’t need any subscriptions for the same.

3. Can this pdf editor be accessed and used on any device?

Just like our docx editor, this is a web based editor and can be used from any device.